OMG: Larry Brown not good enough for Tim Curley

Stunning, stunning development reported by Dave Jones:

It’s not as if Penn State is adrift in stacked resumes seeking its men’s basketball head coaching position, especially considering that the search is going on in late May. PSU athletics director Tim Curley will end up with, at best, some up-n-comer mid-major coach or someone who’s been out of the game awhile.

So, it was with much interest when I learned that Curley spoke to none other than Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown on Thursday night. That would be the same Larry Brown who’s the only coach ever to win both an NCAA (Kansas, 1988) and NBA (Detroit, 2004) championship.

And I was even more intrigued to learn that Curley told Brown without much fanfare that PSU was set on going in a different direction. Why? Because Brown didn’t have any recent college experience.

Stunned? What could stun me or anyone else anymore about the dysfunctional entity that is PSU hoops?

Honestly, after 30 years, I am ready to throw in the towel. We just don’t want to be good.

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