has ceased operations

After more than two decades on the World Wide Web, has ceased operations.

In 1996 (or thereabouts), when this site was emerging from the primordial ooze hydrothermal vent of the Prodigy online network, it was virtually impossible to obtain information about Penn State’s basketball program outside of central Pennsylvania.

With the emergence of often free and/or inexpensive newspaper web sites, the growing internet presence of of traditional specialty media (Blue White Illustrated), new players (247, and bloggers like, and most importantly, the fabulous Big Ten Network, there is no real requirement for this site, and there hasn’t been for some time.

As much as I’ve loved the forum over those decades, the real joy in following the basketball team has always been in watching the games. 

I’m going to go back to focusing on that. I’ve always believed that the pinnacle of our shared experience as college basketball fans is when our team enters the last few minutes of a game with a chance to win. The rest is details.

The community will live on. A number of people have moved to Roar Lions Roar’s Basketball Forum. A group from the forum has organized a Penn State hoops community on Discord.

Sincere thanks to all who contributed over the years to help defray expenses.


Tim Beidel
October 26, 2020