Welcome, Houston Mallette

Houston Mallette, a 6-5 combo guard from Newport Beach, CA, has committed to Penn State. He’s in the high school class of 2021.


Here’s what 247 said about him just today:

Mallette has excellent size for a guard and in a game that increasingly values shooting, the three-star prospect does that as well as most players on the west in 2021.

While Mallette came up as more of a shoot-first combo guard, he really hangs his hat on his ability to knock down jumpers off the bounce and may end up as more of a two that can play some one.

Mallette has good size and length so if he ends up more of an off-ball shooting specialist in college, there won’t be a huge transition for him.

Still, Mallette has the ball skills and vision to create for teammates as well.

Mallette’s size and length also give him upside as a versatile defender, especially as he gains strength.

Here’s BWI’s video: