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"We've been publishing the UncleLar Recruiting Matrix for three regimes now - Dunn, DeChellis, and Chambers. I can tell you that several coaches on each of the staffs have told me that they occasionally check out the matrix -- for laughs. They get a big kick out of seeing who claims to have an offer from us....

"Every few months I have to remind people that the only thing that the matrix purports to do is reflect what has been published about PSU's hoops recruiting. I make zero claims about it accurately reflecting what's going on (in fact if I had to put odds on it, I'd say it's probably only about 30% right)."

March 16, 2013

UncleLar Recruiting Matrix: 2021

Targets for Fall 2021 ('18-19 high school sophomores) (6 scholarships available)

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RichardsonQuentin Richardson
Weldon HS
Weldon, NC
Penn State

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NC 726' 0" SG U @DanUrban 2018-04-30 23:10:52April 2018

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Scholarships available Fall 2021: 6.

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