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Penn State Basketball / Re: Big Ten hoops news
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:10 AM »

Did anybody check this out? For how much we debate the ethics of carefrontations on here, I thought this would draw more of a reaction. A lot of heat on Collins and Jim Phillips already.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:34 PM »
Which presser was it where somebody asked about Villanova's recruiting and insinuated that Chambers had never won a recruiting battle against them? Chambers was not too pleased with the question and quickly responded with a dismissive "we've won some battles".

Anyway, anybody notice it was Adam Fisher that was Miami's point man on the Lonnie Walker recruitment?

People are clamoring for Josh Reaves like he is some elite shut down wing defender...I want Josh Reaves back because he's tough, athletic, and adds another explosive player to the roster...but just because you rip a couple passes that lead to dunks doesn't mean you're a good defender.

Like Geno Thorpe, I'm not sure what kind of on the ball defender he is.  But off the ball, he's fantastic just like Geno was/is.  Has great instincts, uses his length really well to play passing lanes, and is explosive enough to get those "rips" that you mentioned (and convert them on the other end).  Don't undersell how important a couple of steals and fast break buckets off those steals can be in the course of a game, 2 or 3 is enough to make 8-12 point swing in a game.  For a long time PSU never got ANY of those types of points, we had to work our butts off in the halfcourt for everything.  It's a big deal to have several guys that can do this.

I think lovemuffin's comments were more directed to the prevailing thought that if we had Josh Reaves, then guys like Josh Braun wouldn't catch fire. Obviously it's not that simple in the halfcourt, but I do agree that we shouldn't undersell his impact at the top of the press and his ability to create backcourt turnovers with his length and athleticism.

But yeah, I'm just going to be over here dreaming of the Carr-Garner-Reaves-Stevens-Watkins lineup until we finally get to see it in action.

Penn State Basketball / Re: GCU IGT
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:18 PM »
"A smooth criminal on the court" is probably what I was going for, but it didn't connect in my brain late last night. Anyway, thanks for reading!

Penn State Basketball / Re: HOF Tournament--football game Sat evening
« on: November 15, 2016, 03:50 PM »
Arooga's at the casino. Supposedly the largest location in the franchise.

Penn State Basketball / Re: PSU hoops articles, videos, etc.
« on: November 2, 2016, 02:35 PM »
Based on the fact that Moore had 12 points in 22 minutes, it wouldn't shock me at all if Watkins had 15 in a similar amount of playing time.  Also, they mentioned the Hall sat their starters most of the second half, and Watkins could have easily feasted on young backup big men.  Watkins is a grown man...and the most "physically gifted" big we've had in a long while.  He will likely be very inconsistent this year, but it certainly shouldn't be a surprise if he plays well.

We were right, lovemuffin  8)

Penn State Basketball / Re: PSU hoops articles, videos, etc.
« on: November 2, 2016, 08:55 AM »
I'm bummed he never responded back to tweets to get the entire PSU box score.

He did, as I explained earlier in this thread. That picture is all he got from his (likely Seton Hall) source

As for Skeeza's new nonsense, I'm just waiting for him to acknowledge the assist numbers since that's all he seemed to care about last year.

Penn State Basketball / Re: PSU hoops articles, videos, etc.
« on: October 31, 2016, 09:54 AM »
Looking back at it, I see what the above poster might mean with the leftover minutes.  The player that is cut off played 16 minutes, had 1 point, 2 assists, 2 steals and zero rebounds.  That's definitely not a Watkins stat line, and probably not Banks.  Likely Washingston...which leads to believe that missing 18 minutes and 16 points probably came from Watkins with Banks a DNP. 

18 minutes would be a strange allotment to give to two of your better players, and is right in the range Pat said he's looking to get out of Watkins early on.  Interesting stuff when it's all we have to go on lol.

I completely agree with you. I think Banks starts if he's healthy over Stevens, so him not being listed makes me believe he was a DNP. So there's 34 minutes and 16 points unaccounted, but you're right, there's the 16-minute statline that's barely visible. Sure seems like a Washington statline to me. That would leave Mike with 15 points in 18 minutes. Our theory makes even more sense since those minutes would mirror Moore's 22 at the 5-spot.

All of Zags' tweets from this scrimmage seem to come from this picture of the box score he received from his source. That's all he has though, as he told me on twitter. Hence why he didn't tweet anything about Watkins' potential stats.

Penn State Basketball / Re: PSU hoops articles, videos, etc.
« on: August 21, 2016, 10:09 AM »

Assuming he got to PSU in mid July and he has until mid November before the first game, with the training and nutrition staff the BBall team has, no reason he cannot lose 15 pounds and get into plenty good enough shape to compete.  4 months is a lot of time for an 19 year old to get into playing shape with the support he has and if he wants it.

He's been on campus since May for both summer sessions working his ass off, but uh, let's please not act like completely transforming your body after an ACL tear is a piece of cake.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Re: PSU hoops articles, videos, etc.
« on: July 27, 2016, 07:35 PM »
Takeaway: Faster tempo is gonna be for real this year. Look forward to the next one which has to be the arrival of the Roman trio.

Penn State Basketball / Re: 2016-2017 OOC schedule discussion
« on: July 18, 2016, 09:43 PM »
Nice boost to the SOS.

Honestly, I look at this schedule and think we may have a top 10 NCSOS in the country.  This is very difficult.

The schedule is much improved but come on now.

Maybe that needs to be revised to include "...among Power 5 conferences...".

All it needed was another zero IMO

Penn State Basketball / Re: 2016-2017 OOC schedule discussion
« on: July 15, 2016, 11:13 AM »
Nice boost to the SOS.

Honestly, I look at this schedule and think we may have a top 10 NCSOS in the country.  This is very difficult.

The schedule is much improved but come on now.

Penn State Basketball / Re: 2016-2017 OOC schedule discussion
« on: July 13, 2016, 06:31 PM »
But it sucks that is on ESPN3.   >:(

It's a 12:30pm tip on a college football Saturday. Even Duke gets bumped to ESPN3 at that time.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: June 28, 2016, 10:00 PM »
Lars matrix here shows a reported offer. But you may be right since the RecruitScoop tweet was deleted.

That Beatty offer was extended by Brian Daly, that's how long it's been out there. Obviously things have changed. Unless something changes again in the next month or two, you won't see PSU on any final lists for 2017 prospects. No commitable offers are out there at the moment.

As for Sean Good, he performed well last year at the Hoop Group Future All-Americans camp, which is one of the bigger events of the summer for rising sophomores and freshmen. But he still has a ways to go in his development.  I haven't followed Team Final's 16u team this year, but Marcus Littles is playing up with their 17s and Good is not.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: May 21, 2016, 08:27 AM »

Penn State Basketball / Re: Welcome Satchel Pierce!
« on: May 12, 2016, 03:09 PM »
Just because the title is "Welcome Satchel Pierce" does not mean he is reading it. 

You do realize that this forum is for US, and that the players, in all likelihood, do even know this forum exists?  Nothing that is said on this forum has any effect whatsoever on what happens within the Penn State Hoops Program.

....again, I don't want to sound like the bad guy when I have to drag people back to reality.  Sometimes, we not only misjudge our recruits' effect on the program, we even completely overrate our own effect on the program.   :-\

I'm not trying to say your comments have an effect, but you're completely naive if you assume what's written here, on BSD, on Twitter, on 247/Rivals/Scout isn't monitored by players and coaches. I met Tony Carr and his parents this past weekend. They knew who I was right away when I said I'm a writer for BSD. You should be under the assumption that what you're writing will be seen by players and family.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Grad Transfer List
« on: May 10, 2016, 10:31 AM »
I mean, I hear coaches and players in this league say all the time that it's the best in the country, why wouldn't you stay in the conference if you have to transfer from your first university?  ;)

Penn State Basketball / Re: Grad Transfer List
« on: May 4, 2016, 11:02 AM »
...surely there were a few hundred other schools that would have been happy to have him if Purdue wants him.

But do they have open scholarships?

And are they 75 miles from his hometown?

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:44 PM »
I have an update going out on BSD tomorrow where I mention this,

The Shallow Analysis™ is designed not to crowd out enterprises like BSD....

We are just two dudes with websites that are jonesing for Penn State hoops recruiting news  ;D

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:24 PM »
Yes. Assuming no transfers, no one signs in the this spring (outside of a grad transfer), and scholarships are awarded as they become available:

One scholarship next fall before Hampton/Bostick/Carr/Stevens hit the floor
Zero scholarships available in fall 2017, after Hampton/Bostick/Carr/Stevens freshman year
Four scholarships available in fall 2018, after Hampton/Bostick/Carr/Stevens sophomore year

That actually lines up OK for us, presuming Hampton/Bostick/Carr/Stevens gel together. A good sophomore season and we don't face the expectations problem that probably hurt the Fall 2010 signing class, with five scholarships available after an 11-19 (3-15) record in 09-10.

I have an update going out on BSD tomorrow where I mention this, but the 2017-2018 roster right now has three 5th-year seniors. These days with graduate-transfers, it's reasonable to expect one or two of them won't be here for their 5th years. That would obviously shift things in the long-term view if more scholarships were to become available in 2017.

Also, Mike Watkins will be 21 years old before next season. Anyone who expects him to be here for a 5th year is dreaming. As soon as he has an opportunity to make money for his family, whether that's hoops or utilizing his degree, he's gone.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: April 9, 2016, 05:05 PM »
Just because I don't agree with you, doesn't mean that I "missed the point".

I don't care if you agree with me or not. It's up to you whether you want to accept the truth of the matter. The last time I will say this - Frazier helps open doors for this program that were previously shut. He doesn't guarantee any recruiting success in the future, but he allows this program to cast a wider net for recruits going forward. How you don't think that's a game-changer when we have a recruiter as good as Pat is baffling.

Eric, you talk about 40+ other schools.  Here is a bit of different math...

30 NBA teams x 15 man rosters = 450 players.  Add in injuries, 10 day contracts, etc. and you have close to 500 players in the NBA.

So, how many other schools are represented by those FIVE HUNDRED players?  If I were to guess, I would say easily 100+ schools. (if I am wrong, I'm sure someone will quickly point it out.  If I am close, I'm sure nobody will bother to verify)

So, it that the 'advantage' we are talking about?  Frazier gives us the same 'advantage' that 100 other schools already have? (and keep in mind, with Timmy being an UFA, in the NBDL and temporary contracts, we are at the BOTTOM of those 100 schools.)  Is that really a big difference in where we are now?

Well, the data is readily available. By the way, you didn't account for players that are from overseas or those who didn't go to college (84). You also don't account for the majority of players that are coming from blue blood programs that Penn State cannot compete with and probably never will. UNC/KU/UK/Duke/UCLA/Arizona have a combined 100 players in the league. So that shrinks the NCAA's data set from 446 to 262, but only subtracts six programs from the 111 represented. 262/105 is 2.5 NBA players per program that has this advantage. Penn State having just one representative closes that average margin considerably. It certainly doesn't hurt that our one player has put himself in superb position to find a prominent spot in an NBA rotation next year as a backup. No league minimum contracts or D-League action next year. Looking forward to his free agency this summer.

In case anyone wondered about the B1G totals from the NCAA data (with some regional recruiting competitors added in):

Syracuse - 8
Michigan State/Michigan - 6
Georgetown/Wisconsin/Ohio State - 5
Villanova/Indiana - 4
Maryland/Pitt - 3
Illinois/Purdue/St. Joe's - 2
Iowa/Minnesota/Penn State/Temple - 1
Rutgers/Northwestern/Nebraska - 0

It doesn't seem Chambers is having much trouble talking to some of the better talent.  I can't imagine that Chambers will use the same "we have an NBA player on a temp contract" calling card that 100+ other schools can use, and it gives him any type of foot in the door.  It's nice to be able to do so (...kinda like having an extra $20...), but it really doesn't make a real difference in his position.

You do realize it took FIVE years to get to this point, right? And those 5 years only yielded results in the staff's backyards - the DMV and Philly. You don't think a coach with a 5-year resume of no NCAA/NIT appearances has trouble accessing players nationally for a program as historically awful as Penn State's? That's absurd.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: April 8, 2016, 10:12 AM »
I guess a lot of people do not bother to look at the other side.

Who are we competing against, and who does those schools have in the NBA?  Are we competing against schools that have NOBODY in the NBA?  I root for Timmy, but the situation is what it is...   he is a kid who went undrafted and had to work his way up from the D-League to sign a couple of 10 day contracts.   In a vacuum, maybe we can get away with that.  But, if we are competing on the recruiting trail against the big boys who can turn the situation around and point out the truth of it to the potential recruits, it doesn't get us anywhere.

Well done. You completely missed my point and added needless condescension in your response.

The other side doesn't even matter when you can't even play the game. The simple point to understand here, if you choose to do so, is that having a guy in the NBA like Tim Frazier gives a legitimacy to PSU's program in the eyes of recruits/AAU coaches that they didn't have before. For some people in the recruiting game, if you don't have anybody in the NBA, they don't even want to hear you out. They won't take your phone calls or give you the time of day. There are 40+ other high major programs with better track records that can get "their guys" to the NBA.

Tim Frazier's example simply allows Penn State to talk to more people across the country. More AAU programs, more HS programs, more recruits. DJ Newbill's example allowed Chambers to talk to more people in Philadelphia, and that seemed to turn out pretty well with the 2016 class. 

No one here is naive or stupid enough to believe that Tim Frazier's NBA career would actually be the deciding factor against our competition for a recruit. But if his example allows PSU to start recruiting a certain prospect that they otherwise wouldn't, then it makes all the difference, because then it lets Pat do what he's good at. Sell.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« on: April 7, 2016, 02:14 PM »
This stuff is really poorly explained.

I don't see any verbiage about restricted communication with AAU coaches  8)

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