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Penn State Basketball / Re: Tracking the Commitments
« on: Today at 04:42 PM »
The head coach is directly and indirectly insulted on this board regularly, a guy who can read the board if he wants, but that's not a problem.

If you don't want me to insult you, then don't constantly complain in a condescending fashion when it's clear you are completely unqualified to have an intelligent opinion. 

Coaches are in a position where most believe it's okay to debate the job they are doing.  They are grown men and get paid a lot of money.  As long as the criticisms stay at the job level and not the personal attack level, I have no issue.  I called out skeeza when he got personal about the stabbing situation.  So don't think I'm being one sided.  I don't feel personal attacks have a place here.  I believe the boss feels the same way.

OT / Re: Golf
« on: Today at 04:29 PM »
I agree Still!

Some courses take too long to play.  Some charge excessive greens fees.  If courses want more people to play, get rid of the rough -- the kind where you have to search for your ball a foot off the fairway.  That speeds up play and more rounds can be played in a day.  Do that, and then reduce prices and life is good. 

Of course some courses need to maintain their difficulty levels.  But those should almost require an official USGA handicap -- at least during certain hours -- in the name of speeding up play.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Tracking the Commitments
« on: Today at 12:59 PM »
With him...yes.

A guy who consistently POSTS LIKE THIS and        AND       and ?!?!?!?! and is constantly negative with regard to the what's going on in the program like he is totally tied in to what's going on deserves to be attacked personally when any decent fan already knew Washington wasn't coming here to play pg.

Skeeza (and craftsy) tend to tapdance close to the line at times.  But I've never seen them cross it for long without issuing an apology.  You are in another league.  I hope you are either a big dude, or you don't act like this around your friends.  Your lack of social skills is likely to get you slugged some day.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Tracking the Commitments
« on: Today at 12:48 PM »
Yes they are, and your mama's ugly.

At least my mom loves me.  So does your mom -- at least that's what she told me last night.  ;)

OT / Re: OT: PSU Ice Hockey
« on: Today at 12:41 PM »
I believe all of his experience was at the club and high school level. I wonder if the learning curve is a bit much.

His college experience was with men (Delaware & WVU club teams).  They play at a pretty high level.  His limited experience coaching women was my concern.  I copied this from his bio on the PSU site:

Head Coaching Experience
2011-present   Penn State women
2010-11   Kingswood Oxford boys
2008-10   Kingswood Oxford girls
2004-07   Northfield Mount Hermon boys
2003-04   Michigan Dearborn men
1996-2003   Delaware men
1994-96   West Virginia men
1991-94   Farmington HS boys
International Coaching Experience
2003   Team USA Men's Assistant World University Games

OT / Re: OT: PSU Ice Hockey
« on: Today at 11:16 AM »
More crazy info on the women's ice hockey cuts. And you guys thought PC was out of line with carefrontations.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Tracking the Commitments
« on: Today at 10:28 AM »
Future fast-approaching for Washington

It seems from this article that Washington is slated to be a SG, and there is no talk of him being a PG.

If you weren't so busy with your clueless criticisms of the coach and program you would have already known this.  Him playing off the ball at Penn State is incredibly old news.

Really?  Are personal attacks really necessary?  A simple "old news" comment would be sufficient.  SMH.

OT / Re: OT: PSU Ice Hockey
« on: April 21, 2014, 11:17 PM »
Interesting story about carefrontations on the Women's Ice Hockey team. One of the seven women cut lets loose on the coach. Seems like this could possibly get ugly.

B.) The team having a winning season, and perhaps winning a game or 2 in the NIT

My vote.

OT / Re: OT: PSU Football
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:03 PM »
Interesting watching Joyner and Mauti talking at halftime of the Blue White game.

OT / Re: Golf
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:39 PM »

Penn State Basketball / Re: Union Yes
« on: April 18, 2014, 04:36 PM »
NBA helping out????

I don't understand this age thing at all.  I don't understand why they put the onus on the players to declare one way or the other without any guarantees.  I don't know why the NBA doesn't look at the hockey model.  Expand the draft to 7 rounds.  Kids can be drafted at 18 and remain "property" of that team until sometime after their senior season ends.  The player then becomes a free agent.  Each team should have a D-League minor league team.  They can sign kids and assign them to this league out of high school, or at any time prior to them becoming a free agent.  If the kids choose college, they can pay their way to preseason camps if invited. 

Seriously, put the onus on the NBA teams to make decisions.  Don't force a kid to make the decision.  That's why many of them ended up with no education and no NBA job.  They declared for the draft too early and never got a paycheck.  At least in the system I outlined, if they aren't drafted, they haven't ended their NCAA eligibility.  They can still go to college.  And if they are drafted and sign, they get a guaranteed paycheck (and they should get a guaranteed scholarship funded by that NBA team to be used when their career is over). 

If decision is at birth then I'd go with the fantastic life without batting an eye.  If you want to make it hard you would make the decision at 5 years old. 

With guarantees, the decision is the same either way.  Sure, at 5 years old, it becomes more difficult on the parent.  But doing right by the child is more important.  Fortunately (I guess), there are no guarantees in life.  So not many of us need to make that decision, even at birth.  We just do the best we can with what we have and hope it's enough.

For the team, since PSU is like family, I would give up watching if it meant more success for our children (the players).

What if PSU could make the final four next season but you weren't allowed to watch or listen to any of the games all season long? 

That's bordering on Judgement of Solomon stuff. I'll bet I know one guy here that would gladly cut the baby in half.

If you can't watch or listen to the games, then what would be the point? How could you really enjoy it?

Kind of like your favorite singer having a number one hit, but you never get to hear it. 

Did you remove the 1st 2 years of Ed's w/l??  Those were Dunn's fault.

Blame them on Dunn, that's irrelevant to the point I was making.  Our last 2 coaches were a combined 100 games below .500 in Big Ten play.  That obviously means it's a difficult job.

The reason why I am in Pat's corner is because he is recruiting Philadelphia and the state of PA with more success and his teams have been playing hard.  I'm willing to give him more time.   

You're right, it's Parkhill's fault. 

I thought we already determined it's this board's fault?  I mean, do you think Nebraska has a message board full of incompetent morons who know nothing about the sports?  No freaking way.  And look at the success Miles is having there. 

It's not rocket science.  Shut down this forum and we will make a final four within 3 years.'s only weird if it doesn't work.

Rutgers.  Their athletic department is a joke.  They are surrounded by many historically significant programs in northern Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.  Their athletic department and football team is hemorrhaging cash.

You stole my entry.  I'd also add that they have an identity problem.  They call themselves Rutgers, but want to be known as the State University of New Jersey.  I think they should just change their name to NJSU and drop the Rutgers altogether.

« on: April 17, 2014, 01:12 PM »
I wonder if 200 profs objected. Another glorious move allowed under Spanier. He's a sick dude. Perverted.


I offer you this challenge. Either offer some actual, tangible proof of this accusation, or shut the F up on this subject. And by actual proof, I mean just that. Proof. Not your opinion.

Is that speaker being the keynote speaker on campus not proof? If not, what is?

Kid, you should get a talk show on AM radio.  While I agree with a lot of your political points of view, I find you to be way too over the top.  This entire thing with the fake books is just plain silly.  It's meaningless.  Then you make the leap to Condi being hounded and Spanier being a pervert.  I don't understand why you bother to post here anymore.  Your contribution to the conversation is comic relief at best.

OT / Re: Jerry Sandusky - all relevant threads consolidated
« on: April 17, 2014, 12:05 PM »
even though the media itself had reason to believe Syracuse was harboring a predator for over a decade.

Add in that the media (ESPN) had a role in this.  They had the tape for years as well.  Don't discount that as a reason why the Syracuse thing didn't become a full blown scandal.

OT / Re: Jerry Sandusky - all relevant threads consolidated
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:26 AM »
I'm not sure that there is much substance to the FSU response. Granted, privacy regulations prevent them from defending themselves substantively, but the Times tried to get at the question of how effective the investigation was from the other direction -- talking to people not prevented from discussing it (victims and prosecutors) -- to get as much of the picture as possible.

Here's a stark view (I've seen others):

Unless there is reason to believe Barron knew anything, this is just more unnecessary piling onto an old story.  Seriously, everyone can be connected to some scandal by some degree of separation.  Franklin was the same.  If we only hire the "safest" candidates going forward, we are going to end up mediocre in every way.

OT / Re: Jerry Sandusky - all relevant threads consolidated
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:16 AM »
"Fighting back" without having the verifiable truth at our disposal would only have made Penn State's PR fate much worse than it already was.

Hindsight is always so wonderful.  Looking back, I would certainly change the way a few things happened (certainly would have handled Paterno in a much more humane fashion).  I don't think I would have changed much about the overall game plan though (Paterno still wouldn't have coached another game).  I wish the BoT had handled the Freeh report differently though.  Instead of simply accepting what were obviously opinions as fact, I wish they would have released a statement stating something like "The bot accepts all recommendations and will work to make them happen.  As far as opinions in the conclusions, we will examine each thoroughly, and handle individuals on a case by case basis".  Obviously, I'd hope they put out something more eloquent and more detailed than that. 

Now that we are where we are, I think the best course of action is to stay on course until the NCAA moves out of town.  Then it might be time to "fight back" a little -- at least in areas where the public would certainly be mostly on our side. 

Penn State Basketball / Re: Devin Foster to PSU
« on: April 16, 2014, 01:13 PM »
Yes, and PC sent out a welcome tweet.

Penn State Basketball / Re: Devin Foster to PSU
« on: April 15, 2014, 06:19 PM »
What does this have to do with Devin Foster coming to PSU?

Welcome to PSU Devin, where semantics often become more important than the actual discussion, at least on this forum.

OT / Re: OT: PSU Football
« on: April 15, 2014, 06:10 PM »
These are not your father's football coaches.

Inaugural Herb Hand Pizza Crawl

Love it.  These guys know how to promote.  And I honestly think it come naturally to them.  I think they love doing all these crazy things they do and it's not just for promotion.

OT / Re: "Back the Bucs"
« on: April 15, 2014, 10:56 AM »
There was a call in the Rangers game last night where the catcher recorded a force out at home, and then dropped the ball on the transfer when throwing to first, and the replay called the runner safe at home.   Complete Bogus IMO.  Washington argued the call and got tossed immediately (as you can't argue a replay call) but I would have done the same.  I think that's got to be the biggest "miss" so far, since it cost at least the run scoring on that play, and maybe more (I don't know how the inning ended)

So far I agree with Boston's manager -- this didn't take the human element out of umpiring, just put it in a different location.  If they don't start getting these reviews called correctly, then they need to get rid of it.  They reversed a call in the Pirates game last night, which I think was the correct call, but the replays on Root didn't show a definitive angle (the replay guy might have additional angles).  But it took 2.5 minutes to make that call.  In my opinion, that's too long.  Get it in under 60 seconds, or call it inconclusive and move on with the game.

Besides, who cares?  I don't mind Pat stretching reality to promote his team. Not sure why this conversation has continued.

This is like the guy trying to claim that beating OSU twice was better than an NIT championship.  Nobody is buying it and there's no reason to be selling it.

I'd rather have a coach just tell it like it is.  "we defended from 2 really well, but need to improve on rebounding".  Was that so hard?
This is like the guy trying to claim that beating OSU twice was better than an NIT championship.

You're getting carried away.  The OSU over NIT claim was just ridiculous.  Pat's comment was a bit of an exaggeration, but it wasn't ridiculous.  What's ridiculous, in my opinion, is that we are making so much more of it than needs to be made.  Why does it matter that he made that claim?

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